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ロイヤルズ~愛しの王子さま~ Review

Company: Tiaramode
Getchu: Royals ~Prince of Love~
Kanij: ロイヤルズ~愛しの王子さま~
Royals ~Itoshi no Ouji-sama~
English: Royals ~Prince of Love~

Price: 6,800 yen (game, not including taxes)
Windows2000/XP/Vista on DVD-ROM
Minimum System Requirements:
  • CPU: Pentium III 800MHz or more (Pentium 4 is recommended)
  • Memory: 256MB or more (384MB or more is recommended)
  • Graphic: 800x600 or more, full color
  • VRAM: 16MB or more
  • Sound: WAV/PCM audio
  • HDD: 200MB or more (full install is 1.5GB)
  • Other: DVD-ROM, DirectX 8.1 or higher
Genre: ADV
Rating: 18+

Voice: Full voice (on/off voice future)
平舞喜歩、中条ローザ、加賀千尋、 カネコレイジ


Years ago when you were seven, you visited a festival in a foreign country with your mother and father. It was quite common back then for your family to travel around a lot, due to your father's business before your mother became gravely ill and died so you were able to visit many counties and places outside of your home in Japan. During the festival, you lost your mother and father in the massive crowd. Running blindly in the crowd during your search for them, you trip and bloody up your knee. It was only then you began to cry. "Are you alright, princess?" Looking up, you gaze into blue eyes. With the crest of the royal family on his shirt, you knew immediately it was this kingdom's prince. "Come on, I'll help you find your mama and papa." Taking your hand, the prince and you went off into the festival to find them. Hours later after having a great time with the prince and finding your parents, you offer the prince a thanks for helping you out by offering you your prized ring your father had gotten you. The prince smiled and in return, offered a beautiful white rose ring, "So that you will remember me." and kisses your cheek. It has been years since you've last seen the "Prince of the White Rose," and you've always dreamed of the day when you will meet him again. During a boat cruise, you fell over board while retrieving the ring he had given you and ended a drift on a small island. The Island's King, or in a reality, a prince of a small country in Europe called Ash found you. Waking up, you discovered you have to be his maid during your stay at his island until the next ship arrives! Will you find romance with the many princes on the island during your stay?


Royals is like your typical Visual Novel, but with a few twists. It has a map and card system, allowing you to choose which bachelor you wish to hang out with and the "activities" that you do. The card system has three sections; Key Word, Action, and Black (Black is only in the expansion, I'll talk about it in the review about the expansion). Key Word cards are basically topics you can discuss, such as about a prince's kingdom or his life. Action is as it sounds, you can do things with them. Like walking, racing, exploring, and other such things.

Depending on different options that you choose in scenarios and who you hang out with on the map, you can change the flow of the story, the many events and the cgs which you can obtain in the story. Royals has over 100+ cgs that can wet your appetite with few tamed h-scene cgs for each bachelor you chase (Elias and Ash have two paths which you can take so that makes twice the amount of h-scenes for them) for someone who is just starting in the 18+ otome game genre.

The game is rather easy to replay, with the skip button at the bottom that can zoom through the scenes in a quick like pace along with the many save slots. You are able to save at options so you can reload and choose the other one. Perfect in case you accidentally choose the wrong option by mistake.


I honestly had no problems running Royals on a Windows XP machine set in the Japanese language.

Please be aware that Royals and almost all Japanese games do not work on a system that does NOT have native Japanese language support. That means that Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000/XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 that doesn't have the Japanese set to default for non-unicode programs, will not work. Your game will most likely crash if you try to install it on such a system. Please consult this thread to see how to set your computer into the Japanese language.

AGTH is slightly compatible with Royals (on my computer at least). You must run it on a /pn parameter. You must first apply this AlphaROM 3.2 noCD patch on the BGI.exe file in the folder you installed Royals into. Then you must make a shortcut of agth, NOT of Royals and place it in the Royals installation folder. At the end of the target field, place this: /c /HA8:18@41D1E0 /w4058FB:00000048 /pnBGI.exe
You must first start the game, then run agth in order to get it to work. The text can be extracted from the top UserHookerA thread, but I noticed on my computer, some of the characters end up on other UserHookerA threads and I have to manually fix it before putting it through Atlas.

Ahahaha..... I bet you can't tell who I went after first.... >w>;;;; [only character she has right now]



Royals ~Itoshi no Ouji-sama~ + Yuuwaku no Ouji-sama Capture Guide (in progress)
Royals ~Itoshi no Ouji-sama~ + Yuuwaku no Ouji-sama 100% save (in progress)
Royals ~Itoshi no Ouji-sama~ All CGs Download (in progress)

This is the first otome game I have ever beaten and I have to say, I rather enjoyed it.

I haven't gotten 100% completion on the game yet, but I played it and have beaten it. The voice acting and artwork was high quality, plus the game had a section in the main menu where I could go into and view the CGs I love as well as some of the scenes from the game. Including the sexy h-scenes that I rather enjoyed, even though for this game they were quite tamed (I heard however, the expansion is quite a different story). Though I tend to have a very short attention span, get bored and frustrated easily if I have to go through things over and over again, I don't really mind replaying the game to get over endings for different characters, seeing as most of the paths you take for them have different, new scenes you have never seen before and if there is a scene I've already scene, I just press the skip button and let it skip over it.

Unfortunately though, this game isn't perfect. Though I loved almost every voice actor, there were points in the game where I just couldn't stand the voice of the main character and I found myself turning her voice off more then once. The storyline isn't deep, but I'm not really surprised seeing as this is an otome game. It's suppose to be about romance, not adventure or sinister things at work. Even so, the game had a fairly good plot line that I was content with, for it appeased the romantic side of me. This game can seem really long if you sit there and fix the text to send into atlas for every single sentence. I found myself in the end not caring and depended solely on what that single UserHookerA thread gave me and the Japanese I was familiar with. I was surprised that I could still understand the story pretty well.....

These complaints are only minor-- Royals is a good game and I suggest any fan of romance to pick it up and give it a try. The h-scenes in the game are not all that graphic and are perfect for beginners wetting their feet into the 18+ section. Though remember; the expansion for the game is a bit different with a lot more graphic h-scenes. I suggest you only pick it up if you're a die hard fan and if you find that you don't mind the scenes as much as you thought you would. With the excellent graphics, romantic story line about fate and chance, elegant dreamy princes, and excellent voice acting, I'm sure any fan of romance would find something they enjoy about this game.


Tiaramode's Offical Royals Site (Japanese)
Half Adder's Royals Capture Guide (Japanese)
Tags: !dating sims, !otome game, !review, !visual novel, company: tiaramode, fandom: royals

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